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the week from hell is over

Today I felt like telling the whole place to go to hell. In November I put in a request to pay the maintenance on our 3D software. Today I was told that we weren't budgeted for any software so sorry, no money, no software "update". The only problem is that this is the "rental" of the software. You don't really buy software anymore. But the PTB think that we can just keep using the software for "free". The IT department would have to remove the software from college equipment next week and classes start Monday. I had to call the head of IT to talk to them. The software will be ordered but I don't need this sh*t.

The thing that really pisses me is that our students are paying for the software with their lab fees. This placed is so frakked. They scream that we have no money but they are remodeling an old mansion on campus for the prez to live in and have spent over $500k. They are spending money by the millions to build more buildings but enrollment is down and they cancel classes right and left.

I am disgusted!

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