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I had to be at school early this morning for a meeting. Then I had another meeting and then I came home. When I got home I collected everything and headed to the front door. I put the key in the lock and turned. It didn't feel right and it didn't open the door. So I tried it again and again. Then I went back to my car, turned on the heat and called Cami. She showed up to the rescue and also tried to get the front door open. She didn't have any luck either so it wasn't just me with my painful fraked up hands having trouble turning the key. She went in the back door which I don't use because "stairs" (my lot slopes significantly towards the rear). From the inside the door could be opened. It took a bit of elbow grease but opened. I went and called the good, old, cranky locksmith and he sent one of his guys. The problem was dealt with. The guy admired the cats who watched but did not interfere with the proceedings. Good kitties! He was surprised that the kitten was a kitten and thought the beauty queen was beautiful. Fi allowed herself to be admired. Ash had to go stick her nose in his tool box just to see what was what.