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two out of three ain't bad?

I have the cat water bowl in the shower because Maine Coon + water = Mayhem. Fi and Ash like to play but lately it is getting ridiculous. Ash has been emptying the water bowl, flipping it over, and otherwise making a wet mess. I have observed Ash spinning the bowl, splashing the water out and tipping over the bowl. (See smart with that bowl in the shower!) So today Cami and I went out to get a new water bowl. I was going for big, non-tipable, and I can do nothing about the splashing but if it contains a LOT of water then perhaps she will leave some.

So here is the new bowl with the old one for scale.


Ash tried to spin it - FAIL. She tried to tip it - FAIL. But the splashing part she got right into. Please note the bowl started out full to the rim and ended with a tiny bit in the bottom.





What I got was a cat wading pool. There is still a little water because Fi went over and got a drink after Ash left.
Tags: maine coon cats

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