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brunch & a movie

Light snow in the overnight. Not enough to stand up to the sun today so it is mostly now gone.

I haven't posted this week because it has been one of those weeks. It wasn't so much the "week from hell" as the annoying and/or draining "week from would those idiots just stop the nonsense". Unfortunately a rhetorical question because, NO, the idiots can't and won't.

Because of this week at school I decided that mayhem was in order. Cami and I had brunch at an Indian restaurant and then went to a movie. We saw A Good Day To Die Hard which we knew would have the requisite amount of gratuitous violence. The reviews were terrible but we went anyway and I can say the movie satisfied. Reviewers complained because it is totally unrealistic and I chuckled because none of the franchise are in the least bit realistic anyway. I have seen them all and aside from DH3 I liked them. I would rate them in order: 1, 4, 5, 2 & lastly 3.

When I arrived home the cats nagged me to refill the wading pool. When I had left they were splashing in the water dish and had succeeded in remove nearly all of the water. I filled the dish at which point they stopped playing with it.

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