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birds o'prey

Well, it would seem that my hurried identification of a falcon on a number of occasions in the recent past was correct. There is a pair at the Board of Water & Light power plant. He is Echert, he fledged in 2009 from Consumers Energy B.C. Cobb Plant, Muskegon, MI and more than likely who I saw in flight near the river. She is WC (W Coil), hatched in 2007 and fledged from Lima, OH. I've included a link to their Facebook page which contains links to the webcams watching Lansing's Peregrine Falcon pair.

Lansing Michigan Peregrine Falcons


Mar. 27th, 2013 12:09 pm (UTC)
Pigeons beware!

Peregrines are cool. We have a downtown pair, and Wife and I watched one kill a robin out at the nature center, some years back.