art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

Writer's Block: Yes, offense taken

If a friend or relative makes a racist or homophobic remark, do you tend to confront them or let it slide? Are you more likely to confront them if it offends you directly or someone else who seems reluctant to speak up?

Confront. It doesn't matter if it offended me or not, if it is offensive that must be stated. Always speak the truth, a lie of omission is still a lie.

I do tend to tilt (at windmills!?) for others who are reluctant to speak up. Usually fear is involved and I cannot say that I have no fear as much as I have nothing to loose. It is a good place to be. Stubborn old Yankee if nothing else.
Tags: confront, homophobic, racist, writer's block

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