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cold, windy and still raining

It has been raining for days and it is still raining. On the way into school this morning I saw a Mallard pair at the bus stop on Cedar. Even ducks don't like the weather? It has been in the upper 30s this week with somewhere around 4 inches of rain.

Had a bunch of errands to do when I left school so I took the scenic tour. The river by the zoo is over it's bank but not yet to the houses on the other side of the road. Sycamore "No Longer A" Golf Course was a lake. Every lowish spot in the city is underwater. The MSU Golf Course is underwater but there the ducks aren't trying to flee town. Made a few more stops and then headed towards home. Had to stop for the flock of wild turkeys on the Trowbridge entry ramp.

Got home and took a picture of the poor Iris reticulata looking very cold in my front yard. All the crocus (crocuses or croci?) are tightly closed because "it is too damn cold out there".

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Tags: complaining about the weather, garden pics

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