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my piece of VT

It needed new drainage around the foundation. A partial new foundation and water proofing and a new bathroom. Of course, when I first visited as a kid there was the little half-moon doored place up the hill. My grandfather built it right after WW2 and it is now moved on in generational ownership.

For a while this summer it balanced.

Now it is mostly done. Nice contractor sent pictures as construction proceeded. I'm a bit far away to check in so my sister was making the VT runs.

I was there a couple of years ago and the hill is challenging, not exactly accessible. For me to get there requires a trip up the neighbor's drive and then across the terrace (flat horizontally if not vertically) but that is how all the heavy equipment got there too. At least my visit didn't require regrading and reseeding.

A view from the terrace:

The farm is long gone but last night I found a couple of lots for sale on what had been the farm. They were in the back, back 40. Thought about purchase.

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