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It rained here today, a lot! The end of the street is flooded. I'm glad that I took pictures yesterday because all the leaves are down, covering all horizontal surfaces, clogging drains, etc.

We are officially entering the season of grey in Michigan. Here in Lansing we have four seasons: spring, summer, fall & grey. Being between lakes is a good thing for moderating temperatures but not if you actually like seeing blue skies and sun. For now it will be cloudy with or without rain/snow until spring. Snow when it happens will be a gradual process -- a half inch here, an inch there rather than tremendous "all at once" dumps. We are far enough from Lake Michigan so it is not a foot here, seven foot there but it will be depressingly grey for seemingly forever. I hate this about Michigan. At noon today you had to have the lights on to read. A friend calls this the perpetual twilight period, which is a good description. It isn't that I hate the snow but I crave those days under a blue sky. Better luck somewhere else, maybe, later, after I have made my final peace with LCC (by not working there any more).