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Luckily the urchins are bused elsewhere for their halloween treats, my neighborhood being deemed unworthy. I normally carve pumpkins and celebrate in other ways but this year a pumpkin shortage. The weather this summer not being appreciated by pumpkin plants. So, I will turn off the lights move to the back of the house and read. I donated at school!

Since I couldn't give you a picture of my carved pumpkin, I give an old drawing I did of a cat who if left to his own devices would have been fat as one. He had no off switch you see and Eoin could get into Rubbermaid tubs of cat food with the aid of his brother Tedi (pictured in icon). Tedi would hold it in place, Eoin would pop the lid with his head. A gallon of paint on the lid stopped their antics. Maine Coons, got to love them. They would be dangerous if they had thumbs.

This a very old drawing of him, he liked to pose and Tedi would just shut his eyes if either saw me sketching.


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