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Got up early to go visit the vampires. I saw I Great Blue Heron wading in the wetlands across the street from the golf course. Got home and ate breakfast and figured it would be a day of resting shoulder and foot. However, got an email that apprised me of a sale that was going on at Best-ist Buy (!??). They were giving $150 for an old iPhone plus $50 off the price of the new phone. So the catch was it was only today and only in the store. I had to leave the house again. They did need to determine if the old phone was actually working, of course.

So in what may not have been my smartest decision I backed up my iPhone and restored it to factory settings, then headed out. Saw two hawks being mobbed by crows on the way there. Got to the store, got in line and waited. It took about twenty minutes. Most people had just come in and needed all their data transferred by BB to their new phone. Like I'm going to give someone access to my stuff! Dumb! So once I got to a real person everything went well. I am now home.

The iPhone is currently getting charged and I'll transfer everything to it from backup. My old phone was working but it was on its last legs so I just went with the bonus of cheap. I don't need to wait for the 5S, this will do as I don't use my phone all that much.

One more bird sighting. While stopped waiting for a train I saw a Green Heron in the wetlands off Marsh Road.

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