art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

cats and flies

Yesterday a fly came in when I went out for the mail.  As soon as it entered the living room Fiona alerted and sprang into action.  She was on the cat tree and in one jump was on the coffee table.  A second of surveillance and she jumped straight up and clapped the fly between her paws at about 6 feet off the ground.  Dead fly fell to the floor.  I congratulated Fi on her hunting prowess and she went back to the tree and sleep.

Today a much smaller fly was buzzing around with two cats in hot pursuit.  The destroyed my bedroom and kitchen before the fly was dispatched.  They are much more adept when it is just one of them.  I think they kept getting in each others way.

On alert.


After the almost brought down the shade.


Ash finally dispatching the damned thing. Knocking things every which way and one poor plant landed in the sink.

Tags: maine coon cats

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