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vacation end of the day - the beach and the rain

After leaving Mystic we got back on I95 and got off just past Old Saybrook and drove along the coast.  The wind had picked up and the temperature was dropping.  We drove along the coastal salt marshes and saw a few Great Egrets. At Madison we went into Hammonasset State Park and drove out to Meigs Point.


The southern most end of the beach.


Looking back at the beach.  It is about two miles of sand with nice boardwalks for the wheelchair enabled.


One of the many Great Egrets we saw.  There is an Osprey nesting platform in the center (the dark dot).  There was one closer to the road that had chicks but by that time it was raining and we didn't get a picture. (There are apparently 5 nesting platforms in total in the park.  They are all inhabited.)


We left because it was raining.  And by the time we got to Guilford we were suffering a downpour. So we sped by the downtown area with its old houses and beautiful common and headed for Mulberry Point.  Mary didn't realize we actually lived here as she was in the baby to toddler stage.  She remembered us coming down for crabbing but didn't realize there was a reason we knew this area. Saw some people fishing as we came out of town.

Mulberry Point Road used to have just a few scattered houses but is now solid houses from the rail road bridge on.  Drove by where we lived.  It used to be a small two bedroom house and is now a two story and much larger house.  I don't know if one of the subsequent owners did an addition or a tear down.  It was still pouring and the house is on a curve so we didn't stop for a picture.

Looking out toward Long Island.

Across Indian Cove. It is nearly high tide and we used to dig quahogs on this beach and the one on the other side of the point.

Up Mulberry Point Road.


A look out where we used to watched the sharks that sometimes showed up in the cove.  Sometimes sand tiger sharks and sometimes dog fish.

The road across the end of the cove.  Everything here is new.  I assume that this all got washed out with Sandy. Some of the structures on Sachem's Head near the water look like they have been newly repaired. Mulberry Point is a little higher and showed less repair. Behind us the marsh area up cove was still showing signs of  Sandy.


Through a very wet windshield.  I'm not sure what variety of bird nest on the top of the pole but the Branford paper (next town west of here) had a story about the Ct Light & Power building an Osprey nesting box to replace one (one top of a power pole) that caused a fire and power outage.


After leaving Mulberry Point we took Leetes Island Road along the coast and back up to I95 and home.


More tall birds.  From this point until we got to I95 we saw about eight more Great Egrets and one American Bittern.  There is a sandpiper of some sort in the foreground but cannot identify it.


I was happy to see that the bird population had really seemed to revive in this area.  When I lived here this was a very rare sight.
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