art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

more cats and flies

Cats have a weird sense of reality. Enter fly with two cats chasing it. The fly heads for the stained glass lamp on the head of my bed. Picture me minding my business reading in bed. Fi decides that she can get the fly that is walking around the inside of the lamp shade by going through the glass shade! She tries to stand on the shade. Luckily at the moment I'm about to be killed by a falling lamp the fly heads for the window and its death. Ash ate it but didn't look like she thought it tasted very good.

They then looked for another fly, to no avail.

Note: Joss Whedon's version of Much Ado About Nothing is really good. See it if you can. It just got to Lansing!

Tags: via ljapp

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