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trip to ann arbor

Cami and I went to Zingerman's this afternoon. We needed their excellent sandwiches. The trip down was unexceptional. The thermometer in my car said it was 91F but it was very humid so it felt worse.

The last time we were at Zingerman's there was a line to get in and it was still under construction. Today all construction has been completed. The original building is now the bread, grocery and deli area. New construction contains the sandwich/salad ordering area and check-out and lots of seating inside and out. Next Door is still the coffee & sweets area, however you don't have to go in there so you can actually ignore temptation.

We ordered deli items. I bought some fancy mustard and a couple of slices of bacon. I love that I can order bacon by the slice. I'll pack it up by the slice and freeze it so occasionally I can be bad. I'll do the same with the corned beef hash I got.

The sandwiches were great as always.

So back we head to Lansing and there were many idiots on the road. The guy in the convertible driving in the fast lane 15mph under prevailing speeds. The young idiot that couldn't keep his car in its own lane. After getting on to 96 we were behind an eighteen wheeler that had a tire peel. We commented that there had been enough driving excitement.

As we got close to Lansing we noticed clouds with what looked like a curtain of rain. And it was, as we passed the "Soon to be no Longer the Post Office" and the sky opened. You literally couldn't see anything. I freaked and bailed off the highway. I've heard of running into a wall of something and this was a wall of water. Got to within a few blocks of home and someone exited out of a parking lot headed in the wrong on a four lane wide one way street. Dropped Cami off just as lightening hit something nearby. Then headed toward my house. One last traffic incident involved an SVU and that SUV running a red light.

I'm glad I am home.

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