art, plants & maine coon cats (cailleuch) wrote,
art, plants & maine coon cats

not what I had planned

The school has an appalling record with computer systems and their implementation. They changed the system that contains class syllabi. What was supposed to happen was the current version info was transferred to the new system. What actually happened was that parts of old versions were patchworked into some FrankenSyllabus. One of my classes has parts from the 2001, 2008 and 2010 versions.

I let folks know and the response was "have the secretaries check things". Only problem is, faculty can tell what it should say not secretaries. If something was missing that could be dealt with but not the garbage info sitting there. The biggest problem is that we were moved into a unit where nothing changes, so the mishmash wouldn't matter. The 2001 version of a class is the same as the 2010 version.

I have enough stuff to do without this. I sent email to colleagues and got ONE response. Well MY classes will be fixed.


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