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adventures of the gardening sort

My gardener came over today to trim trees and monster rose bushes. Ghod that sounds pretentious but there are a lot of things I can do in a wheelchair but trimming trees isn't one of them.

It may not be the optimal time but it was a beautiful sunny day and school starts next week. My time is not my own for many days longer.

I was to be the one who said "cut that one there" and Kari to be the one wielding the appropriate implement of destruction. We started with the Witch Hazel and trimmed it so that it doesn't assault visitors or my house. We disturbed a black squirrel when we started. We moved on to the Parriota Persica and here we pissed off a male Cardinal. He had many bad words for us and yelled until we stopped playing with his tree.

Next we dealt with the "Rosebush that is Trying to Eat My House"(tm). We diminished it by one third but it didn't notice. Old Lady Calico watched this endeavor.

And lastly we trimmed up the Redbud in the far back. Kari was some what appalled by what I had her trim but it needed it.

After that I went to get my hair cut. It was a day made for trimming.

I had jury duty all week and luckily had a number high enough that I didn't make the Thursday jury. Maybe they won't call for a while.

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