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For a moment it looked like I was going to have to deal with a whole lot of angry students. Here at this school twelve students must register for a class for it to run. This time I had an advanced animation class with less than the needed twelve but all of them needed it to graduate this semester. I wrote my justifications and crossed my fingers.

At about 6pm I looked at the registration numbers and that class was not there. Well I sent a note to the chair and was even polite. He came back that the class had been authorized to go under enrolled. I looked and there it was, right between 232 and 240 where it wasn't a half hour before. Ghod I hate every computer system the college has implemented.

One other class was cancelled so I will find out on Monday what I am teaching. Please note registration doesn't end until Tuesday but they make final decisions on classes four days early! Mutter, mutter, many expletives deleted!

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