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Meetings were on the menu for school today. One a general one and one a meeting with a colleague considering a new printer we got. I test printed on it last week but today it refused and gave us a totally inexplicable error message. We are basically on our own for the fix. The college decided that the printing expert wasn't needed and laid her off last year. This is going to be fun.

So I gave it up as a bad job and came home. When I left home two hats were on my coffee table. When I came home one hat was on the floor and the other had disappeared. I checked around the house and no hat. Now either it has entered another dimension or the chin cinch wrapped itself around a cat and tried to strangle her. From the state of the house and stuff on my cellar stairs I vote for cat strangling monster hat.

While looking around for the hat I found Fiona backed into a corner totally spooked. I assume she was the cat who was nearly strangled. She got out of this one. Last time it was a gift bag and it required Cami's mom to rescue Fiona.