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The vet came for the cat's yearly check-up and needle pokery. They were pronounced healthy, charming and beautiful. They were admired and accepted this admiration as is their due.

Ash Impsdotter has grown significantly. Nine pounds last year and thirteen this. She is still skinny with big feet so I don't know what this means for her final size. Fiona gained a pound and a half. Neither will rival Andromeda at twenty-two pounds of mostly fur however.

I switched to Dr. Lisa who does house calls because it is easier. The cats seem to like this person who comes to visit and sits on the floor and plays with them, especially Ash. Dr. Lisa says she sees mostly cats who hide and likes the out going nature of my two. I, of course, had nothing really to do with this - they are simply typical of the breed.

Tags: maine coon cats, mainly clown cats

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