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happy turkey day!

Dinner done (of the traditional turkey variety), kitchen mostly clean. Cami took pictures of all the food so maybe the images will show up tomorrow, at least those of the pies. Yumm pies!

Romy actually ate turkey. A first for her, she mostly dislikes people food. Her current favorite cat food is turkey so that might be the reason for her human food consumption. She actually begged, but was other wise very well behaved. Much food sitting on the kitchen counters and it was not in any way disturbed. In the past this was not always the case --Tedi and Eoin were not so well behaved. I remember the appalled look on a guest's face as Tedi came running out of the kitchen with an oyster in his mouth. (Please to note the oysters were in the stuffing and the only stuffing in the kitchen was inside the turkey.)

Romy waiting for dinner.


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