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Cami and I headed to Ann Arbor for lunch at Zingerman's. We dodged pop-up thunderstorms but actually didn't get wet until we got back into town. Also dodged falling metal bits coming off a truck at the 127 & 96 interchange. I don't know if the detritus was the something that turned southbound 127 into a parking lot when we came back, luckily we were going northbound at the time. There was a miles long parking lot at the start of what passes for "rush hour" in Lansing!

I was determined to not get the same sandwich I always order and so choose the Sandwich of the Month. **Officer White’s Slump Buster: corned beef, mellow cheddar, spicy hot mustard, spinach and sprouts served on grilled paesano roll. Cami had the "A Hot BLT" -- a BLT with avocado & fire roasted green chiles. I took half home as usual. I can never eat a whole sandwich.

We choose inside because of the possibility of rain. Others choose to be more adventuresome.

The signs next to our table.

We bought a bunch of salads and such for dinner for Game Night tonight. Then we went to Next Door to pick out dessert. I stood in front of the case much like GIR (pictured at the top of the post). This is why:

I had to borrow this image because I forgot to take a picture. This is why both of us just stood gob-smacked. Too many choices! We came home with a small personal sized coconut cream pie which should be plenty for four people. It is a good thing if you only approach this case after you have eaten.