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...or so the students say. It is supposed to start snowing tomorrow and end sometime on Thursday. The temperature is supposed to go up and down so it could get interesting. Please to note it is finals week here which combined with the previous event makes for interesting (in all senses of the word) times. So all my students were doing the "I know it is due on Wednesday but if school is cancelled how do I" jive. Note also that the only time LCC actually cancelled school for anything less than about 2 feet of snow was the first year of a new college prez from CA. He had never seen snow and was afraid, very afraid (he cancelled everything for about 8"!!!!). This is Michigan, REALLY!

So with that running in the background all campus computing took a nosedive at approximately noon. No email, no anything on the college network like registration, no voice mail and no course management software. I'm trying to get grades in! Oh well mayhaps tomorrow, or the next day or oh WAIT snowpocalypse!

I will be glad when this week is over and the gremlins can stop partying.