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package delivery people

Around this time of year many, many cardboard boxes arrive at my house. Some for me and some for friends that don't want their partner doing any early peeking. Mostly the delivery people just throw them at my front porch and depart in a flash. Once the guy threw the box into a snow drift by my back door and jetted. You would think that the snow drifts at the end of the drive and in front of that door would give him a hint that I didn't use that door. The day he did this it was snowing and I was not home. 10" of snow later no evidence of said box. I found it when the snow melted about a month later. Luckily the contents were inside a plastic bag. This door has stairs so I never use it.

Today's adventure involves a kinder(?) UPS person. It was snowing he/she/it put the package between the storm & front door thinking they were doing me a favor? Jamming it in when they closed the storm door. Me inside and I couldn't get the door open. Trapped, oh joy. And, remember the back doors with the stairs? I was actually trapped in my house. Called a neighbor who came over to open the door from the outside. A part of the handle mechanism had sheared off in all of this so he ended up with the handle in this hand and a bunch of misc. parts on the porch. I just said frak it and decided to deal with it this morning. Of course I forgot the fun I would have getting in said storm door last night when I got home in the dark and blowing. Swiss army knife to the rescue. Prying the door open got me in. There is now a new door handle thanks to a friend. Go Mike!