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I know I've said how much I despise EON Reality software but I take time be be a broken record. ( This then proves my age because no one uses vinyl and more. I had a conversation with someone yesterday about her listening to a track on her iPod the kept repeating and she almost when over to stop it skipping. )

We had to do a presentation to a self selected collection of interested faculty. "Oh oops" and "I'm not sure why it did THAT?" should not be the most repeated phrases in a presentation of this sort. I was the person wheeling around to students to sort out their problems. There were problems, some software and some user. The clued people had software problems (to be expected) the clueless had problems of every sort -- from the first instruction, go to File > Open! This presentation was billed as hands-on so you would think that people who signed up would know how to do basic stuff on a computer ( basic being defined as what is done in Microsoft Word for instance). By the end I was frazzled and my shoulder was killing me. LOTS of wheeling around to the students in the class.

Went home and iced the shoulder. Mother nature is going to chill down Michigan for the next little while and the promise of sun next Tuesday has been rescinded by the local weather beans. Tomorrow we were told to "grab snowshoes", blarrrrr!