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well it did snow but...

It snowed most of the afternoon and at the point it was supposed to get really bad, it stopped.

It did snow some more after dark and we got about 7" which is not all that bad, except for the fact that the streets have yet to be plowed. If it isn't a four lane it hasn't been plowed, which made my neighborhood really interesting tonight. Outside not fun but hopefully at sometime before tomorrow a snow plow will find my street.

Flowers happened inside, small bright points of color that I include here. Christmas cactus is good because you can completely ignore and you are still rewarded.

The best thing of an otherwise really bad day(tm) happened as I was leaving for a day of meetings. Got in the car and noticed that perched on top of the neighbors spruce tree was the marsh hawk who seems to favor hunting in the neighborhood. She was poised on the very top doing a very nice balancing act. I didn't notice which way she went but wished her good hunting. It has been a good week for raptor viewing. If only a giant raptor would deal with my Dean.
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