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It isn't sunny out but the light is bright, an improvement over the normal gloom. Just back from Cami's birthday celebration. We had enough people to get nearly one of everything from the dim sum menu at Little Panda. Since it was her 50th Cami decided that she needed to try chicken feet. The sauce they were stewed in would have made anything taste good, so the experiment was a success.

My 60th in November so I'm thinking that I might go to the folks at DayDay (Everyday is what the sign says but the character for everyday in chinese is just the character for day twice) and just say __ # of people -- feed us. And then see what they come up with. I've done this before at other restaurants and it has been successful. Will just need to talk to owner, he knows that we will try anything but just make sure there are a couple of dishes for the less adventurous eaters.

On the home front, the gutters went up on Friday. Just a few more details and it will be done. Romy has nearly recovered from the pounding.

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