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lake effect snow

We were supposed to get a little lake effect snow today. However, the snow came from the wrong direction (northeast) and accumulated to over 5". Another storm on the way and we are way above average in February snow fall. My poor little street tree is getting buried.

The icon is two storms ago. You would actually think it was winter out there!

FedEx got creative again in its delivery methods. I'm getting things ready for a show so had some matt board and frames shipped. They arrived today when I wasn't home. FedEx left them which was good but they left them leaning against the front door. Please to note this was a very big and heavy box. I needed to move the box so I could get to the door, so I could open the door, so I could move the box into the living room, etc. You get the picture. Just imagine all the moving in the dark (because to turn on the porch light I have to get in the house) and on crutches.

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