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road trip for spring break

It was such a nice day today that Cami and I decided to drive to Ann Arbor for lunch. ZIngerman's Deli is always such fun. It wasn't as crowded as usual which was good, was it Spring Break (?) or just that we were a bit later than normal?

I got my sandwich (#13 hold the cheese) and picked up a couple of things I needed. I shopped for friends and got to stare at the cheese counter for many minutes while I figured what to get one. I hate the "just get me something" order. I know what I like but not necessarily what to get under this circumstance. So I decided by not deciding and got small chunks of three different cheeses. Got myself a little bit of a french "gouda" type, which looked interesting and tasted wonderful. The round looked like someone had cut up a pumpkin. I don't feel like going to look up what it was actually called (starts with m...). Please to note: the cheese counter is a dangerous place -- they will give you samples of everything if you ask. There was a couple doing just that as I contemplated.

Before we left town I dropped off work to a show. Awards and purchases a plenty in the past, so fingers crossed. The women in charge really liked the design I did for the cover of Dragon's Bones. Explained that the entries were done from variations of different drafts for the final design.

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