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summer weather

Or late spring at least. The temp hit 74 F yesterday and is currently 69F on its way to a record for the day. Some of the early bulbs will expire from the heat of today and tomorrow (it is supposed to hit 80 F) so I thought I would let them have their last bit of fame.

More daffodils opened and with one I have documented the change from last night. Upper left last night and the rest this morning.

In the back yard I have some double daffodils that came with the house. I think they are "Rip Van Winkle" but I've never been sure.

Also opening yesterday were the single Blood Root.

And last but certainly not least are all the violets that have opened. Particularly in my neighbors lawn! My neighbors are not much into the cult of "green turf" so sometimes the weeds are quite magnificent.

In the foreground in the remnants of my compost mountain/leaf pile. Nature does her work without much intervention from me.