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antics of the romy

I awoke to the sound of cat racing around the house chortling that it was "snowing, snowing, SNOWING!!". Her path from window to window, of course, included me, or more specifically my head laying on my pillow. Not being able to ignore this I got up and looked out. White flakes were indeed falling from the sky, just not snow. I attempted to convince the fuzzy girl that it wasn't snow but as she could not sample the cold & wet component she was unconvinced.

A number of years ago the city replaced the Norway maples that had lined the street with an assortment of trees that in this block are over represented by Callery pears. (The Norways were killed when they city dug up the street in a sewer/run-off separation project.) The "snow" was petals from the flowers on the trees.

The wind has calmed down and so has the running about. The exhausted cat is currently asleep on a pile of toys.

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