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happening in the garden

The hot weather has accelerated openings in the yard particularly in the rose family. So I and camera went out to record the bloomage.

The front from the northeast.

Then I headed down the garden path into the south side yard.

First up, Hybrid Perpetual rose -- Reine de Violettes:

and some Stars of Persia and mint.

Two poppies have opened -- many more to follow. I have a number of colors but the reds are magnificent. The sun just turns them into incandescent wonders.

All the Siberian iris are in bloom.

Then further in the back are some happy roses. The Rosa Rugosa "Hansa" smells like cloves and this is on a shrub about 10 feet tall -- just insane since it is only supposed to be 4 -6 feet tall.

Finally back in the shade but apparently very happy is a Rosa Rubrifolia.

Tags: garden pics, summer?

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