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lots of rain in the early morning

I'm supposed to be getting some work done today and am finding every excuse to not do that. I'm doing this instead.

This poor rose got most of it's blooms smooshed by the rain. Yesterday I contemplated getting a picture but said to myself that I'd wait until today. Oops! Most of the lovely open flowers were destroyed by the rain. I'm forgetting what it is, Country Dancer?, one of the shrub roses developed by Buck at Iowa State.

The other thing that started opening yesterday is the FoxTail Lily (Eremurus bungei) by my front door. It is zone 6 and we only zone 5 here in Michigan. The only way I have been able to keep it alive here is to have it in a sheltered location up close to my foundation. It doesn't get as large as some of the other varieties, only 2- 3 feet tall.

I never thought I could grow it here until I saw (Eremurus himalaicus) growing at Larkwhistle Gardens in the northern part of the Bruce Peninsula. (The Bruce is between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in Ontario.) Here are some of their 8 foot tall Foxtail lilies.