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Was out and about this morning. Gray day but so far no rain. Left the Clinical Center and headed towards downtown driving by Fenner and the zoo. It seemed to be attempted suicide by car (my car!) day. First a chipmunk by the golf course who wished to join the other chipmunk looking squish on the road. I stopped and he/she/it went back and forth in my lane before actually getting out of the road. It is a four lane there so I figure he/she/it will be a squish before very long but at least it wasn't me who did it. Dead possum a couple of blocks down along with a black squirrel.

Got down to the swamp across from Fenner and saw the Great Blue Heron and then had to slow down again for a fox squirrel who insisted he wanted to be under my tires. Again I failed to make road pizza out of him. Sigh! Saw a muskrat on the river bank by the zoo but it was alive, alive o.

Now home and again procrastinating. First class rewrite going well but any excuse to not do it ...
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