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weird weather

Cami and I went out to dinner and while we were in the restaurant it rained a bit. A few minutes of downpour but nothing of note. After dinner we ran some errands and went to the grocery to get foodstuffs as I am hosting game night tomorrow. First we went through a couple of non-functional stop lights, then we drove by the bifurcated tree (no evidence of char so not lightening), then the flooded road that I refused to cross (back up - turn around) and then the intersection that looked all white and on closer examination looked like a snow ball fight had happened there (hail). We both wondered WTF had happened about a mile north of where we had dined. Did our grocery run and then home. There was a rainbow!!

Got home and saw on the news that a storm cell had gone through with micro bursts. Power out, trees down, the whole nine yards. My neighborhood had just minor damage (small branches down, evidence of a good deal of rain).