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back to the airport

Left my sister at the airport, she home to NJ.

Today is cloudy so I was hoping that the bird (silhouette I misidentified from a 5 second staring into the sun) would be back so that I might correctly identify him/her. No such luck but on the ride back I thought of a more likely suspect. Large black shape may in fact have been large black bird. Sun in my eyes might have not obscured markings, it may have been large and black. Perhaps turkey vulture, not even a relative of other the candidate. Well you can certainly tell I am not a bird professional or even very good at this game but...

I did see the airport Great Blue again. I pulled over and viewed his brook and saw him way down on the other end, away from the road. He was easier to see last time. These guys are easy to identify, no mistakes particularly in the air. Silly guys!