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back from Chicago

Arrived back last night very tired. We left Naperville at about 10 am and headed for The Loop. Got maps from Google and I have done much wandering in Chicago but had never approached downtown from the west. Since I knew where I was going just crossed my fingers and went. Ended up where I expected and proceeded to the Field Museum. Didn't know that the parking lot next to the museum is just for handicapped. Drove around it twice before I figured the procedure for possible entry. You see there was a red cone in the road at the gate, no person in evidence but you just pull up and wait, finally person comes out to examine you determine that you may enter and lefts the gate. The next good thing was that the parking lot was actually near an accessible entrance (you would think this would just be logical but really!!!! NOT).

We went in to see Sue (the T. Rex) and yes, you definitely feel like food in her presence.

Also did the Gem & Mineral Collection and more Dinosaurs. I remembered a cool mummy from an earlier visit but we really didn't have time for more. Needed to get back to Michigan at a reasonable hour. Took Cami for a tour of the Loop and relevant architecture as she had never been to Chicago before and left for points east.

Somewhere in Indiana saw a Great Blue Heron fly over and then a couple of miles down the road a pair of Sandhill Cranes flew over heading for the lake. Bird identification while driving is easy if they are this big.

Got to Battle Creek and I just couldn't drive any more. Cami took over and while resting I got to actually look at the wild life on the side of the road. Not talking about the dead coyote but rather the live deer and fawn and also the wild turkeys in a field.

Arrived home about 7pm. Romy was actually happy to see that I hadn't been eaten in my travels. When I left she was pissed at me for allowing my sister to stay in her house. Romy had been taught to distrust my sister by an older cat who had "played" with my sister's four kids and had not liked the experience. Bronwyn (icon pic) remembered the "horror" and Mary was never sure that she wouldn't be attacked in subsequent visits.

I'll post some pics from DucKon tomorrow. Here is me and Xena (Eurasian Eagle Owl - Bubo bubo).


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