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singing tesla coils

Camille did a great job of describing the Masters of Lightning show at DucKon. So I'm just going to quote her: "Today at Duckon the man in the metal suit, standing in a mud puddle while being struck by lightening, accidentally set fire to his flame thrower four times."

I got some pictures but most of them are not that great but I include them for your viewing enjoyment anyway. I was sitting right behind the control booth so you get to see that as well.

Burning lots of CDs at once!

Video is much better -- here is stuff from previous shows.

YouTube - Masters of Lightning Play Darth Vader's Theme with Musical Tesla Coils @ DucKon 18

YouTube - Masters of Lightning Play Ghostbusters With Musical Tesla Coils @ Duckon 2009

YouTube - The Masters of Lightning play Dr Who on Musical Tesla Coils at DucKon 2009
Tags: moment of geek

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