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Cami and I went for dim sum (our usual Sunday outing) and chose the place with cart ladies. Good food was achieved. As we were leaving we noticed and said "hi" to people we only know because they are at Golden Wok most Sundays for dim sum as well. They have two little girls and a young friend had joined them. I said something like "three little...", Cami responded "maids" and a totally silly conversation involving the word "yum" ensued. The problem with this was we were completing each others thoughts and jokes. If we had been overhead we would have been taken for insane. By the time we got to the car we also we sure that we were showing our age as we wondered how many twenty-somethings would get our oblique Gilbert & Sullivan references.

The worse thing about all this is that I cannot get Three Little Maids out of my ear now. So here is a earwig for you...

The Mikado compilation (Three Little Maids)

Three little Maids

Three Little Maids from School (the Mikado)


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