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this afternoon...

Playing with the new Maya2011. Using the trial version as they have not released the faculty version yet and I don't have a spare $4k to buy a commercial copy. I'm rewriting my introductory 3D classes and also procrastinating.

What I was doing this afternoon while procrastinating? Making blueberry pie. I thought I still had a full pie's worth of frozen crust (I make a big batch of dough every little while and freeze) but I only had one crust left. So I made a streusel topped blueberry pie. This is what I ended up with:

I nabbed it just before it decided to dribble all over the oven. No second crust, no regular brown sugar so I substituted muscovado sugar instead -- looks like it turned out OK. Taste test next, I'm waiting for the troops to arrive.

EDITED TO ADD: I didn't figure juiciness of berries quite right so the pie came out a bit soupy. Scoop-able but not cut in pie shaped wedges-able. So we scooped and ate and whatever the creation was, it was declared good. And now it is mostly gone. Troops gone as well.